Hello, this is your Secratary of State Jo3yth3kill3r. I am in the process of making a Facebook page for our clan, and ALL of the clan members are REQUIRED to "like" the page, or there is a possiblility of demotions, or maybe even deletion as a clan member. If you do not have a Facebook, it would be great if you could make one. It's very simple.. There are only 3 steps required: 1) Use your email address (the one you use for your Xbox Account), to sign up for Facebook, at 2) Go to the inbox in your email account, and confirm that you have made, and signed up for a Facebook account. 3) Go to your Facebook Newsfeed Page and go to the Facebbok search bar. This is where you will type in the CSA facebook fan page. Right now, it is not known what the name of the page will be, but there will be another blog post later on in the week. 4) Find the correct Facebook page, click on the page, and "like" the page. Thank you for reading this post, and again, if you are not able to create a Facebook page, please inform I, Jo3yth3kill3r, the president, or the vice president. Any Questions? Inform the President, Vice President, or the Secratary of State.